Organizational climate

Do you want to know the satisfaction of your employees? Would you like to be able to measure the working climate of your company and increase its productivity? Get to know our software : Organizational Climate .

Our work climate measurement software works as follows:

Our specialized consultants will advise you on how to customize the survey according to the needs of your company. We will never leave you alone.

The entire process is done online without the need to install applications on the computers. In order to not compromise the results, your answers are completely anonymous.

Once the period to complete the surveys has ended, you will have access to the platform to review the results of your team based on 6 specific factors.

We give you a comparative report with the national average so that you can carry out an action plan that improves the working climate of your company.

The most effective sofware to:

Generate commitment, performance and productivity

Obtain complete statistical reports

Identify areas of opportunity

Guarantee the quality of responses by being 100% anonymous

Measure and develop action plans

Compare your business with the current market forecast

We will help you to identify red lights and measure the general satisfaction of your collaborators.

Start using tools to improve your productivity

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