Notice of Privacy - Simetrical

Notice of Privacy

SIMETRICAL, S.A. of C.V. (hereinafter the “Responsible”), based on Arts. 3 Fraction I, 15, 16, 17 and other correlatives of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals (hereinafter the “Law”), make this Privacy Notice available to you for proper use and protection of personal data that you intend to collect from you as the owner thereof (hereinafter the “Owner”).

The Responsible, for the fulfillment of the purposes that are indicated in this Privacy Notice, may request, collect, use, store and transfer the following personal information of the Holder that is enunciative but not limited to: name, surnames, gender, place and date of birth, occupation, address, email, telephone, mobile phone, personal photograph, country of origin, patrimonial, labor, professional and occupational data.

The personal data referred to in this Privacy Notice may be collected by the Responsible when they are provided directly and personally by the Owner or through the website or mobile applications of the technological platform called “Simetrical” of which the Responsible Party is headline; likewise, they may be collected through social networks (in a non-limiting manner, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in the event that the Owner starts a session on the technological platform through these means; as well as may collect such information through printed media such as brochures, flyers, surveys, personal consultations or any other means or technology and sources as appropriate allowed by law.

  1. Identity and residence of the Resposible.

The Responsible is a mercantile society, which operates according to the laws of the Mexican Republic, constituted by public deed number 212 dated August 12, 2010, granted before the faith of the Notary Public Lawyer Luz Margarita Mejía Cáceres Heredia, holder of the Notary Public number 73 of the State of Yucatan, registered in the electronic mercantile folio 50705 of the Public Registry of Property and Commerce of the State of Yucatan, and with address at 29 Street No. 147 x 32 and 34 Col. Buenavista, CP 97127 Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

  1. Purpose of the treatment of personal data.

Personal data will be treated according to the next purposes:

  • Promote computer products, software and other related or associated services, directly or indirectly related and carry out the offering of the same, for marketing, advertising or commercial prospection purposes and those compatible or analogous to the previous ones.
  1. Create accounts and user profiles generated by the Owner, through web or mobile applications of the technological platform called “Simetrical”.
  2. Prepare surveys, statistics, evaluations and qualification, with the aim of knowing their current status in labor and production through web or mobile applications of the technological platform called “Simetrical”.
  3. Carry out the operations established in the contracts to be entered by the Owner and the Responsible Party.
  4. Prepare and maintain a backup of the information captured by the users and provided by the Owners, so that users can make use of it when they consider it necessary.
  5. Prepare surveys, market and advertising statistics, as well as reports of the services provided by the Responsible through web or mobile applications of the technological platform called “Simetrical”, in order to assess the quality of service provided by third parties that we provide .
  6. Authenticate and corroborate the existence of the Holder, as well as the information provided by it, analyze the economic solvency of the Holder, in order to determine if it has sufficient resources, for the conclusion of contracts between the Holder and the Responsible, as well as the subscription of its annexes or accessory or derivative instruments to said legal relationship, to transfer any amounts derived from the subscription of the contracts between the Holder and the Responsible, for the fulfillment and development of any of the contractual obligations between the Holder and the Responsible, for the creation of databases for the provision of the service, and in general to perform the operations described in the contracts to be entered by the Holder and the Responsible Party, as well as providing the services provided by the Responsible Party through the web or mobile applications of the technological platform called “Simetrical”.
  7. Transmit the information provided by the Owner to third parties so that they can administer the information for marketing, as well as compiling statistics for advertising purposes, market and social impact. The third recipients of the information referred to in this subsection shall assume the same obligations as the Responsible Party contained in this Privacy Notice, in the Law and its Regulations regarding the Treatment of the Holder’s personal data. “Simetrical” will not be held responsible for the wrong treatment given by third parties to the personal data of the Owner, or the consequences of any kind are generated.
  8. Contact the Owner or Third Parties to offer products and services, as well as to inform them about changes in them.

III. Options and means that the Responsible offers to limit the use or disclosure of personal data.

The Responsible party safeguards the personal data of the Holder under computer programs with limited access through the use of passwords, as well as files for the case of personal data contained in physical documents, only available to the Personnel of the Responsible Party and to third party recipients with whom you have signed confidentiality agreements, that, because of their functions, are granted powers to do so.

The Responsible subscribes with all its staff and third-party recipients using the technological platform called “Simetrical”, confidentiality agreements, which provide that the personal data they access in the exercise of their functions, are considered confidential information , and, therefore, in case of divulging said confidential information, creditors will be made of the corresponding sanction.

The Responsible party has implemented policies and internal processes applicable to its staff and third parties, through which personal data are used by a minimum of people, limiting the use of the means of reproduction and generating the obligation to destroy all those copies or reproductions of documents that contain personal data that are not strictly indispensable.

  1. Means to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition.

The Holder may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition (rights “ARCO”) by submitting an application in terms of Art. 29 of the Law, by writing to the Responsible with attention to the Department of Protection of Personal Data, at the address of the Responsible or via email, request that must be attended within a maximum period of 20 working days, extendable in terms of Law, counted from the date of receipt of the request, with acknowledgment of receipt, issuing the corresponding determination for the legal effects that may arise.La revocación del consentimiento podrá realizarse en los mismos términos del párrafo anterior, mediante la solicitud de cancelación respectiva.

  1. Transfer of personal data.

The Responsible communicates to the Holder by means of this Privacy Notice that may transfer your personal data to national or foreign third parties, in the following cases:

  1. When you decide to assign to a third party, by any legal means, any right or action you have with the Holder.
  2. When a third party requires the provision of services or advice regarding any matter with the Owner, including research on the data provided by the latter through the technological platform “Simetrical”.
  1. Changes in the Notice of Privacy.

When the Responsible requires modifying the content of this Privacy Notice, it will inform the Holder, making available the new Privacy Notice, through its publication in the offices of the Responsible or in the web or mobile applications of the technological platform “Simetrical” applying in what is conducive what is established in the Law itself, for the manifestation of the Holder’s will.

In case you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Notice, you must state your opposition in the manner indicated in section IV above, otherwise it will be understood that you have given your consent.

The Responsible Party invites you to periodically review this Privacy Notice, to be informed about what relates to your personal data.

By accepting this Privacy Notice it is understood that your consent has been granted for the processing of your Personal Data in accordance with it.